A Look at Fundamentalist Mormonism

FLDS, AUB, TLC? Plural marriage, otherwise known as “the principle,” lives on among thousands of modern-day followers of Joseph Smith.

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3 Responses to A Look at Fundamentalist Mormonism

  1. pallathu says:

    I have asked many Mormons this question “Will you not practice polygamy again?” All the Mormons to whom I have asked this question keep mum for a second or two, and comes up with an answer “may be”. Some decent Mormons said eventhough the prophet asks them to practice polygamy again, they won’t.

    They wont say “no” to someone who knows about their religion. They wont say “yes” because they are afraid – the fear of ex-communication from the LDS Church loom their head. They justify why Joseph Smith had many wives and why they practice again. FLDS, AUB, TLC or LDS – it is a temporary arrangement that the LDS don’t practice polygamy right now.

  2. pallathu says:

    Bill’s article on “A Look at Fundamentalist Mormonism” is very informative.

  3. Berean says:

    In “Mormon Doctrine” by Bruce McConkie on page 578 it states:

    “Obviously the holy practice [plural marriage] will commence again after the Second Coming of the Son of Man and the ushering in of the millennium.”

    As usual, it’s up to those outside of the LDS Church who are desperately trying to reach the Mormon people with the real gospel of the real Jesus of the Bible to educate Mormons on their own beliefs that their church will not either out of ignorance or embarrasment.

    This on-off-on practice of plural marriage shows that their Mormon god is one who cannot make up his mind. The God of the Bible condemned plural marriage in Deuteronomy 17:17. The New Testament is filled with many texts that state “one wife”.

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