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“What do Mormons believe about the Bible?”

The Mormon Church appears to be updating its FAQ section at Mormon.org. I’ve received several Google Alerts highlighting specific Frequently Asked Questions and their official answers. One recent Alert pointed me to the FAQ section on the Bible, to the … Continue reading

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Mormonism’s 4th Article of Faith

The December 2013 issue of the Mormon Church’s Ensign magazine contains an article by John Welch titled, “The Articles of Faith and the Life of Joseph Smith.” In this article, Dr. Welch goes through the 13 Articles of Faith (canonized … Continue reading

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What They Really Mean: The Eight Article of Faith

SVG version available here

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Do Mormons and Christians Share the Same Gospel?

LDS Professor James Faulconer recently posed and answered the question, “How Do Mormons Understand the Gospel?” After exploring a few ideas, he concluded, “Mormons differ from other Christians in significant ways, but there is little difference between us in our … Continue reading

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One God

Introduction: In the following, the notation “(DSS)” means that the quoted passage has been taken from a translation of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Similarly, “(KJV)” will precede a quote from the King James Version of the Bible, and “(LXX)” a … Continue reading

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