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A Mormon Apostle Explains the “Component Parts” of God

Foundational to the Mormon gospel is the existence of Heavenly Mother, the spouse and counterpart of Mormonism’s Heavenly Father. When Mormon Apostle Erastus Snow taught on this concept in 1878, he explained that God is a component being, consisting of … Continue reading

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How Many Mormon Gods for Us?

Last week on her blog, Religion Dispatches, Joanna Brooks wrote, “It’s a little-known fact: according to Mormon tradition, God is not an old man but rather a male-female couple: a Heavenly Father and a Heavenly Mother.” Ms. Brooks was referring … Continue reading

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Gods and Goddesses, Kings and Queens

In November 2004 Dr. Richard Mouw, president of Fuller Seminary, spoke in front of a packed house at the Mormon Tabernacle on Temple Square. Dr. Mouw apologized for the way evangelicals had borne “false witness” about the teachings of Mormonism. … Continue reading

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