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This is a Test: Joseph Smith and Deuteronomy 13

It had been a long forty years of wandering in the wilderness. God’s people Israel were finally nearing their Promised Land. Moses’ life was drawing to a close and the people were about to enter a new way of life … Continue reading

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Yahweh needs no Asherah

Yahweh needs no Asherah. He says to none, “You complete me.” He needs no partner. He needs no permission. He needs no counsel. He needs no counterpart. He needs no complement. He creates, not by sexual union or cooperation, but … Continue reading

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What matters more to being in God’s “image”: appearance, or calling and capacity?

If God had created humans to look like sloths, yet with the same capacities as humans, and sloths to look like humans, yet with the same capacities as sloths, who would be more in His image? What, at core, does … Continue reading

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What a Mormon Seventy Finds in the Book of Isaiah

In February (2015) the Charlotte Observer, in its Voices of Faith section, asked its religious columnists to answer the question, “Why is Isaiah your favorite prophet?” The newspaper published two responses — one from a Unity Temple reverend, and one from a … Continue reading

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The Lorenzo Snow couplet’s subordination & dependence dilemma for Mormons

Given both halves of the Lorenzo Snow couplet: “As man now is, God once was. As God now is, man may be.” (a) If we will forever be dependent on and subordinate to our God, then it stands to reason … Continue reading

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Mormonism and the “Great Machine”

Mormonism’s “eternal law” is the creed of multiverse. Transcending all gods. Governed by no ultimate Persons. Impersonal. Cold. “Without body, parts, passions.” Incromprehensible. “Unknown and unknowable—formless, passionless, elusive, ethereal, simultaneously everywhere and nowhere.” All the gods must submit to it, abide … Continue reading

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Mormonism, the Bible, and God the Father

The January 2014 Ensign magazine includes an edited version of a General Conference talk given in 1986 by (now deceased) Gordon B. Hinckley of Mormonism’s First Presidency. The 2014 “Gospel Classic” is titled, “The Divine Godhead.” In it Mr. Hinckley … Continue reading

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A Mormon Apostle Explains the “Component Parts” of God

Foundational to the Mormon gospel is the existence of Heavenly Mother, the spouse and counterpart of Mormonism’s Heavenly Father. When Mormon Apostle Erastus Snow taught on this concept in 1878, he explained that God is a component being, consisting of … Continue reading

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The “Most High” has potentially billions of ancestor-gods?

Mormon Jaxon Peterson argues that Israel was “monolatristic or henotheistic” for most of its existence and that “‘the highest’ does not denote status of authority of power, but rather the idea that God dwells above the Earth.” [tweet https://twitter.com/ldschurch/status/275304640197824512] [tweet … Continue reading

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God Doesn’t Sing Amazing Grace; He Never Was a Wretch Like Me

Ralph, a Mormon, writes, To say that the LDS God was a sinner would be like an LDS saying that the Traditional Christian God cannot forgive sins and make men perfect. We all know from the Bible that God has … Continue reading

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