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Joseph Smith’s Grandiloquent Assertion

In 1844, while the Mormon Church was in the middle of a crisis involving dissention in the Church, The Prophet Joseph Smith preached a Sunday morning sermon in which he exclaimed, “In all these affidavits, indictments, it is all of … Continue reading

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Member Inactivity in the Mormon Church

On Tuesday (23 September 2014) the blog nearing kolob took a look at recent Mormon missionary reports regarding localized Church inactivity. What follows is a summary of nearing kolob’s research findings (that they gleaned unscientifically from reading Mormon missionary blog … Continue reading

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Monson’s Wishful Thinking?

In his First Presidency message in the June, 2014 issue of Ensign magazine titled, “Hastening the Work,” Mormon President Thomas S. Monson spoke of the “accelerated rate” at which the Church of Jesus Christ is growing. Monson writes: “Do you … Continue reading

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The Robust Growth of Mormonism

After the Mormon Church released its membership statistics in April (2013), Mike at RoundelMike.com, a self-proclaimed “stats geek,” analyzed the church’s self-reported membership data from 1970 to the present. Replete with charts and graphs, it is a fascinating look at … Continue reading

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One of the fastest growing churches?

How often have we heard the claim that the growth of Mormonism proves it is a true religion? Honestly, too many times to count. It is insinuated that the LDS Church’s size and success in getting people to join its … Continue reading

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