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Mormonism and its “vital revelations flowing in a never-ending stream”

John Taylor, the third prophet of the Mormon Church, explained: “We require a living tree—a living fountain—living intelligence, proceeding from the living priesthood in heaven, through the living priesthood on earth. … And from the time that Adam first received … Continue reading

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The America That Mormon Prophets Never Foresaw

Joseph Smith made some crucial prophecies about the Second Coming that caused many other Mormon “authorities” to make additional ones, and voice the expectation that the United States would be destroyed as a nation, and Jesus would return by the … Continue reading

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Prophet-Preferred Prophet-Test

On November 1, 1831 Joseph Smith convened a conference of ten Mormon elders. The agenda for the meeting was to make decisions regarding the publication of Joseph’s revelations. According to an article in Mormon Times, “Joseph said that since the … Continue reading

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