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Mormon Temples are Sacred

If this had been the full extent of the Deseret News headline, I would have agreed. Mormons hold their temples (and what goes on inside) to be sacred. That is, ‚Äúregarded with the same respect and reverence accorded holy things; … Continue reading

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Pushing the temple (and tithing) on the people

In the last General Conference held in April 2011, three leaders of the LDS Church made a concerted effort to reiterate the importance of the temple. Saying that three new LDS temples were announced at the conference and 26 others … Continue reading

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Worthy or Unworthy

A few months ago, folks here at Mormon Coffee were discussing LDS temple weddings and the difficulties that can arise when the bride and/or groom come from part-member families. Non-Mormons, as well as Mormons who do not possess temple recommends, … Continue reading

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Bells of Hell

In the LDS book Temple Worship Simplified by Terrance Drake it says, “It would be an oversight to discuss effective ways to increase temple activity and not offer this word of warning: with every effort to build temples or to … Continue reading

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The Primary Purpose of LDS Temples

It has been said that the purpose of LDS temples is to make men into Gods. Many Mormons dispute this, complaining about the insensitive way this sacred information is presented. Whether such a statement seems sensationalized or not, the question … Continue reading

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A Simple Question about Temple-Worship

The year is 2050, and Jesus has not yet returned. Things have radically changed. Muslim buildings have been completely removed from Palestine, the Jews have rebuilt a temple in Jerusalem, and the Mormons have built a temple of their own … Continue reading

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