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Mormon Church Posts Essays on Joseph Smith’s Polygamy

It’s all over the news. The Mormon Church has finally “admitted” long-buried facts about Joseph Smith’s polygamy. The new Church essays were actually posted at sometime around October 22nd (2014), but for some reason the news only hit the … Continue reading

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From the Mailbag (Eternal Marriage)

Hi, I have a Mormon friend that finds forever marriage very important to him and I tried explaining how Heaven is going to be so much better then any marriage or person. He then asked “What is there to do?” … Continue reading

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Call me my Grandpa’s Dad’s Son

During a recent road trip, my family and I decided to stop by the St. George temple visitors’ center, which is located not too far off the main I-15 freeway at the western Utah border near Arizona. Dedicated in 1877, … Continue reading

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Christian Messages – I Am A Family Man

The song is from Andrew Peterson’s “Love And Thunder” album. I love his original Christmas album and his children’s music album. Consider it our Protestant version of burning in the bosom material. 🙂 No delegated priesthood authority required. To those who are afraid to … Continue reading

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The Mormon Doctrine of Materiality

On May 21, 1845 an article on the nature of God, man, and angels appeared in the LDS publication the “Prophet.” Understood to have been written by the editor, LDS Apostle Parley P. Pratt, the article was reprinted in the … Continue reading

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A Latter-day Look at Your Eternal Kingdom

From Family Exaltation by Archibald F. Bennett, Course 20, Genealogical Training Department for the Sunday Schools of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, published by the Deseret Sunday School Union Board, 1957: THE BEGINNING OF YOUR ETERNAL KINGDOM. … Continue reading

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Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

The LDS Church has found itself in the middle of a custody battle.Mike Gulbraa served his LDS mission in Japan. Later, while attending BYU, Mike met and married a Japanese woman, Etsuko Tanizaki. They had two sons, Chris and Michael, … Continue reading

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