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Survey-Evangelism to Mormons, by T.J. and Angela Haisten

A downloadable .mp4 file of video is available here.

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Joseph Smith as a Sexual Predator

A downloadable .mp4 file of video is available here.

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Why Mormons Leave, by Sandra Tanner

A downloadable .mp4 file of video is available here.

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Yours Truly on Heart for the Lost

Andy Bird and I discuss some witnessing tips and some issues related to my presentation at Compassionate Boldness 2009.

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Steve Redinger’s Two-Gospel Paradigm for Understanding Mormonism

Usually when we speak of “two gospels” we are speaking of the contrast between the true gospel of Biblical Christianity and the false gospel of Mormonism. Steve Redinger (who calls himself Hick Preacher after the figure mocked in the pre-1990 … Continue reading

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Way of the Master on Mormonism

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Tabletalk #3: On Mormonism’s Hellish Heavens and Heavenly Hells

Direct link to MP3 My Skype recording application, Pamela, kept acting weird so this talk is three smaller files stitched together. Some questions I have for Mormons: If Joseph Smith and Mormonism already believe that the only explicit post-resurrection hell, … Continue reading

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Mormon Coffee Online Tabletalk #2: Conversation with Ralph

If everything works out, Ralph and I are scheduled to chat on at 8pm MST. You can participate here or just watch the embedded video when it starts. Update: It went well. Unfortunately, Ralph was unable to join in … Continue reading

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From Abraham to Christ: God at Work in History

Best. Christmas CD. Ever. As my two-year-old says, “Mewwwwwwwy Issssmisssessess!” What is some of your favorite Christmas music?

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Video Now Online: “Those Abominable Creeds”, by Ron Huggins

This seemed like a relevant post given the recent discussion on Jehovah. [swf],480,295[/swf] Direct Youtube link

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