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Mormons Study a New Testament in 2015

On Monday (January 12, 2015) I wrote, The Mormon Church’s Sunday School course of study for 2015 is the New Testament. Accordingly, Gig Harbor, WA newspaper columnist Alfred Gunn (LDS) wrote a column for The Peninsula Gateway titled, “The Bible … Continue reading

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On Mockery and Mormonism

To my son John Caleb and daughter Lydia, I “mock” the earth in showing just how small it is compared to the wider universe, which is itself small compared to the “bigness” and beauty and power and ultimacy of God … Continue reading

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Ignorant Translators Commit Many Errors

Christian apologist Rob Bowman at the Institute for Religious Research’s Mormons in Transition web site has published a nine-page study of The Book of Hebrews and the Joseph Smith Translation. Mr. Bowman maintains, “My argument here is simple: a comparison … Continue reading

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Video Now Online: “Those Abominable Creeds”, by Ron Huggins

This seemed like a relevant post given the recent discussion on Jehovah. [swf]http://www.youtube.com/v/bGgCHRpHLNM&hl=en&fs=1&fmt=18,480,295[/swf] Direct Youtube link

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Joseph Smith’s Genesis 50 Additions

I’ve recently completed a 2-year study of the Old Testament book of Genesis. What a rich, sacred history God has given us in the opening pages of His Word. Though the book is a mere 50 chapters, it’s so packed … Continue reading

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