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The Holy Ghost, Scriptures…and LDS Church handbooks

Some Christians have a difficult time understanding just what is authentic (read: “official”) LDS doctrine. For instance, former Fuller Theological Seminary president Richard Mouw and others like him want to believe that Mormonism can be comprehended by talking to scholars … Continue reading

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Mormonism hurts.

The topic of the Mormon Church and race has been in the news again this summer. The June anniversary of the Church’s 1978 lifting of the priesthood ban passed mostly unnoticed, but a week and a half later, when the … Continue reading

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Mormon Church Essay on Priesthood Ban Banned From Church Classroom

An interesting thing happened to Mormon Sunday school teacher Brian Dawson. The Salt Lake Tribune reports that a student in Mr. Dawson’s youth Sunday school class asked him why his Nigerian wife joined a church that had at one time … Continue reading

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Mormon Church does not apologize.

Mormon apostle Dallin Oaks caused quite a stir in late January. In an interview related to the Church’s news conference on LGBT issues and religious discrimination, Mr. Oaks expressed his view that apologizing for the Church’s “harsh rhetoric of the … Continue reading

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So why is abortion a sin?

The following blog article originally posted at Mormon Coffee on January 1, 2008. We repost it today, on the 42nd anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision. Statistics have been updated. —————— January 22, marks the 42nd anniversary of the infamous Rose vs. Wade … Continue reading

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Mormonism’s Sacred Temple Garments

In a move that has surprised Mormons and critics alike, in mid-October the LDS Church’s Newsroom site posted a video that literally looks at Mormonism’s “Sacred Temple Clothing.” Both temple robes (the outer clothing worn by Mormons during a temple … Continue reading

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Mormon Church’s “Bees” Are Swarming…

Last week the threat of excommunication for Kate Kelly became a reality. Ms. Kelly is the founder of Ordain Women, a Mormon group advocating for gender equality in the Mormon priesthood. She was found guilty of apostasy. Her bishop explained: … Continue reading

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Mormon Church Kicks the Beehive

Last week (June 11, 2014) The New York Times reported that the Mormon Church is threatening two highly visible members with excommunication. Kate Kelly, the founder of Ordain Women (which seeks to bring about change in the Mormon Church’s priesthood … Continue reading

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Early Mormon Prophet Led the Church Astray

The Mormon Church very recently posted a new statement on “Race and the Priesthood” at LDS.org in which the blame for the Church’s historic racism is laid squarely at the feet of Brigham Young. According to the statement, the idea … Continue reading

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Missionaries, missionaries…all over the world

Note: The following satire is based on the announcement made in the fall General Conference that the missionary age was moved down to 18 for males and 19 for females. The conversation among the Mormon Church’s General Authorities that you … Continue reading

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