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Don’t patronize us, please

In a 2007 General Conference talk, Seventy Gary J. Coleman referred to a story of fourteen-year-old Cortnee, the daughter of an LDS mission president, who was confused when her high school classmates questioned her Christianity. She went home and asked … Continue reading

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What does it mean to be a Christian? A Mormon apostle explains.

In October 2012 Mormon Apostle Robert D. Hales spoke at the Mormon Church’s General Conference regarding what it means to be a Christian. He defined a Christian like this: “A Christian has faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, that He … Continue reading

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Should a Christian date a Mormon?

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Are any non-Mormons Christian?

Howard P. Kainz at First Things wrote a blog last week titled, “Mormons and Christianity: Asking the Right Questions.” Dr. Kainz reminds his readers about an article written a dozen years ago by the late Richard John Neuhaus in which … Continue reading

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Follow-up: Christian church doesn’t allow LDS parents to become Cub Scout leaders

We blogged about this story here at Mormon Coffee last week, but it is still very much in the news. A big hubbub is being made because a Mormon couple was not allowed to become Cub Scout leaders at a … Continue reading

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Christian Church declines Mormon application for Scouting leadership

Earlier this week the Charlotte Observer reported on a controversial decision made by a local Christian church: Christ Covenant Church declined an offer from a Mormon couple who wanted to volunteer as Scout leaders. They were refused because their Mormon … Continue reading

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What if Evangelical Christians Called Themselves Mormons?

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