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Joseph Smith’s Gold Plates

Joseph Smith, the first Mormon Prophet, claimed he was divinely guided to a set of gold plates that were buried near his home in the state of New York. After taking possession of these plates, according to the official LDS … Continue reading

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When it comes to the plates, there was no miracle

For the past several years I have been bringing a replica set of “gold plates” to the Mormon Miracle Pageant held annually in Manti, Utah. By encouraging Mormon visitors to lift my plates, it gives me an opportunity to explain … Continue reading

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An Event from Mormon Church History — in Context

With the June 2013 New Era article “Balancing Church History” in mind, heeding the advice of Church Historian Steven Snow to examine Mormon Church history in context, I offer this new video by award-winning author Dan Vogel. The video provides … Continue reading

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Courage to View the Gold Plates

Pomeroy Tucker was a contemporary of Joseph Smith. Living in Palmyra, New York, he knew the Smith family, counted Martin Harris among his friends, and was actively engaged in the 1830 printing process of the Book of Mormon. In 1867 … Continue reading

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You didn’t bring your dead brother Alvin? Sorry, you can’t have the plates

As September 22nd was the date known as the Autumnal equinox to contemporaries of Joseph Smith in 1823, September 25 was a notable day the following year. Joseph Smith Sr., Jr.’s father, published a notice in the Palmyra newspaper denying … Continue reading

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