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The Great and Abominable Church

In the March, 2015 edition of Ensign magazine, Mormon apostle Dallin Oaks discusses the topics of atheism, moral relativism, secular humanism and the “great and abominable church.” The article, titled, “Stand as Witnesses of God,” was a devotional address he … Continue reading

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Music of the Faiths

It’s Throwback Thursday! The following blog article originally posted at Mormon Coffee on January 30, 2006. —————— Today’s Journal and Courier [January 30, 2006] from Lafayette, Indiana reports on that city’s Music of the Faiths hymn sing which took place … Continue reading

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Mormon doctrines are “just the same”?

Previously Aaron wrote about the current trend in Mormonism wherein Mormons tell Christians that Mormon beliefs are just the same as theirs – Mormon doctrines are the same as [fill-in-the-Christian-denomination] doctrines. I want to expand on a bit of what … Continue reading

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The Central Message of Mormonism

Last Friday (April 29, 2011) LDS Deseret News published an article providing tips for successful member-missionary work (as distinct from the formal Mormon missionary program). Because a recent poll showed that 77 percent of Americans aren’t sure if Mormons are … Continue reading

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2009 Gospel Principles criticizes the “pagan beliefs” of those “called Christians” in “false Christianity”

The Gospel Principles 2009 manual essentially calls classical Christianity “false Christianity” and its theology of God “pagan” and its adherents those who are “called” Christian. If we talked about Mormon beliefs and Mormonism and Mormon members this way, we’d get … Continue reading

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