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What I Learned on My Visit to Old Mormon Nauvoo

A few weeks ago I visited The City of Joseph: Nauvoo, Illinois. It was quick trip; I was only able to spend two days in the area, hurrying from place to place in an effort to do some primary source … Continue reading

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Methodists and Mormons

Christopher Jones writes at the Peculiar People blog about the prevalence of early Mormon converts who came from a Methodist background. It is suggested that this was because they (and others) believed about Mormonism, “It’s like Methodism, only more.” Indeed, … Continue reading

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A Mormon Denominational Walkabout

On a recent visit to Kansas City I stopped in Independence, Missouri. It was a beautiful spring day, so I took a short stroll covering approximately a five-block area near the LDS Visitors Center. Of course, the Community of Christ’s … Continue reading

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The venom of asps*

On June 25th (2009) Mormon Times published an article titled “Healing the rift between Brigham and Emma.” The article discusses current efforts toward removing tensions and prejudices that exist between the families descended from Brigham Young and Joseph Smith. One … Continue reading

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