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Bruce McConkie vs. Brigham Young

It’s Throwback Thursday! The following blog article originally posted at Mormon Coffee on March 6, 2006. —————— I was reading an article in the Deseret News on Saturday [March 4, 2006] that discusses the history of “The Seven Deadly Sins.” … Continue reading

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A Simple Correlation: The Apostle Paul and Mormon General Conference

As defined at Wikipedia, the Mormon Church’s priesthood correlation program is “a program designed to provide a systematic approach to maintain consistency in its ordinances, doctrines, organizations, meetings, materials, and other programs and activities.” The Church began its correlation efforts … Continue reading

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“Absolutes” About the Mormon Gospel

In 1999 James E. Faust, member of the Mormon Church’s First Presidency, counseled new mission presidents at the annual Mission Presidents Seminar in June of that year. According to LDS Church News, “The word gospel means ‘good news’ and missionaries … Continue reading

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Do Mormon Apostles Believe in the Restoration?

A little over a week ago (on April 6, 2013) Christopher Ralph at the Journey of Loyal Dissent blog posted a controversial memorandum written by author and historian Grant H. Palmer. The memo recounts details from Mr. Palmer’s “Three Meetings … Continue reading

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McKeever and Johnson on Defining Mormon Doctrine

A great new book on the topic of Mormonism is now available. Co-authors Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson have just released Answering Mormons’ Questions: Ready Responses for Inquiring Latter-day Saints (Kregel Publications, 2012). Chapter 2 seems particularly timely for the … Continue reading

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