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How “official” is the Mormon First Presidency?

In 1973, five years before the Mormon Church lifted its ban on Blacks holding the LDS priesthood and participating in Mormon temple ordinances, Wendell J. Ashton, the Mormon Church’s director of Public Affairs, appeared on “1973 Special News Report: When … Continue reading

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The Doctrine of Christ

The latest speculation about Mormon doctrine comes from lawyer turned “apostle” D. Todd Christofferson who spoke about the subject at the April 2012 General Conference, calling it “The Doctrine of Christ.” In this talk Christofferson makes the following observation: “In … Continue reading

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What does it mean to be a Christian? A Mormon apostle explains.

In October 2012 Mormon Apostle Robert D. Hales spoke at the Mormon Church’s General Conference regarding what it means to be a Christian. He defined a Christian like this: “A Christian has faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, that He … Continue reading

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McKeever and Johnson on Defining Mormon Doctrine

A great new book on the topic of Mormonism is now available. Co-authors Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson have just released Answering Mormons’ Questions: Ready Responses for Inquiring Latter-day Saints (Kregel Publications, 2012). Chapter 2 seems particularly timely for the … Continue reading

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A Kinder, Gentler Mormonism?

The June 2012 Ensign magazine included an article titled, “The Honor and Order of the Priesthood” by President of the Quorum of the Twelve [Mormon] Apostles, Boyd K. Packer. The article began by relating a story about Mormonism’s 12th Prophet … Continue reading

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Can Mormons Trust Their Prophets?

The topic of “Mormon folklore” seems to be a popular one right now, following on the heels of the racially offensive comments made by BYU Professor Randy Bott last week (see “Did the Mormon Church ever discriminate against black people?” … Continue reading

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BYU Professors vs. LDS Leaders: Who Has Authority to Interpret Doctrine for Members?

Bill McKeever talks about the importance of looking to published statements of the LDS institution as more representative of Mormonism than neo-orthodox writings of BYU professors. 1920×1080 MP4, 640×360 MP4

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Just who makes up LDS doctrine?

One of the things most puzzling to me as an associate in this ministry is when I am told that I cannot truly understand the teachings of the LDS religion. Dozens of times Mormons have told me, “What you’re saying … Continue reading

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