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The Holy Ghost, Scriptures…and LDS Church handbooks

Some Christians have a difficult time understanding just what is authentic (read: “official”) LDS doctrine. For instance, former Fuller Theological Seminary president Richard Mouw and others like him want to believe that Mormonism can be comprehended by talking to scholars … Continue reading

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Mormonism’s Sacred Temple Garments

In a move that has surprised Mormons and critics alike, in mid-October the LDS Church’s Newsroom site posted a video that literally looks at Mormonism’s “Sacred Temple Clothing.” Both temple robes (the outer clothing worn by Mormons during a temple … Continue reading

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Mormon Devotion

“Could an atheist be a statesman? A Mormon?” ** The above headline caught my attention the other day. [**Note: The original headline quoted here has since been rewritten.] Of course, the author meant–and subsequently addressed–the question of whether a Mormon, … Continue reading

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