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Mormons, Take Courage

In February 2015 a small Facebook group of former Mormons was asked, “What is the #1 or main reason you left the LDS Church? What started your journey out of Mormonism?” This is what they said: “Discovering that it was … Continue reading

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You have 90 seconds – describe Mormonism

In June (2015) Deseret News posted a light-hearted article recounting journalist Jerry Johnston’s encounter with a street poet. The poet sits on the sidewalk with a sign that says, “Pick a topic, get a poem.” For a donation of any … Continue reading

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Mormons don’t deserve this.

Chris Duckworth, a Lutheran pastor in Indiana, wasn’t happy when a 12-page advertising supplement arrived on his doorstep last week. The “Non-Mormon Temple Visitors Guide” was published by Tri-Grace Ministries and distributed to communities in preparation for the LDS Temple … Continue reading

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Saving Mormonism: Divorcing Faith from Fact

The Salt Lake Tribune published an article earlier this month: “New Mormon mission: How to teach members the messy part of LDS history, theology.” Written by Peggy Fletcher Stack, the article looks at the need for the Mormon Church to … Continue reading

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Millions of Mormons Testify of the Book of Mormon

The October 2014 Ensign magazine included a sidebar quote from President Ezra Taft Benson, the Mormon Church’s 13th President. The article in which the quote appeared was about how a testimony of the Mormon gospel is intertwined with a testimony … Continue reading

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“I thought I knew the Church was true.”

On October 16, 2014 LDS Meridian Magazine published an article by Ted Gibbons titled, “The Fallacy of Rewriting Your Personal History.” Mr. Gibbons relates the story of one of his former missionary companions who, sometime after his mission, was excommunicated … Continue reading

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A History Tour of Brigham Young’s Beehive House

On June 19, 2014 I visited Utah and took a tour of the Beehive House, Brigham Young’s principal residence in Salt Lake City. Guided through the 1854 home by two young sister missionaries, I learned a lot about the comfortable … Continue reading

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New LDS.org Gospel Topic articles were submitted to the “presiding Quorums of the Church and the First Presidency for approval”

I am already hearing of BYU professors mocking the new LDS.org gospel topic articles as non-official. Elder Steven E. Snow, LDS Church Historian and Executive Director of the Church History Department, explains that each of the articles was submitted to … Continue reading

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Mormons and Evangelicals, “So very unchristian.”

Jana Riess recently wrote about her dismay over the direction the comment thread took when she had posted a review of Lynn Wilder’s new book, Unveiling Grace. Dr. Riess wrote, “From the first comment forward, it was not the blog … Continue reading

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The Doctrine of Christ

The latest speculation about Mormon doctrine comes from lawyer turned “apostle” D. Todd Christofferson who spoke about the subject at the April 2012 General Conference, calling it “The Doctrine of Christ.” In this talk Christofferson makes the following observation: “In … Continue reading

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