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New Mormon Temple In the News

As the Mormon Church gears up for the opening of its new temple in Carmel, Indiana, local news sources are letting residents know what to expect once they have a Mormon temple in their region. I’m guessing that the Church … Continue reading

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Mormons and Muslims Similar in Many Ways

Back in 2005 Robert Velarde and Eric Johnson co-wrote an article for the CRI Journal comparing Mormons and Muslims. The authors looked at four areas of differences (i.e., views of Creation, God, Jesus, and humankind’s final state) and four areas … Continue reading

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Approaching General Conference

As Mormons settle in this weekend to listen to their prophets, seers and revelators at General Conference, may these insightful and significant words from Christian pastor Charles Spurgeon be on their minds: “Beloved, because Jesus is the sum of the … Continue reading

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What does it mean to be a Christian? A Mormon apostle explains.

In October 2012 Mormon Apostle Robert D. Hales spoke at the Mormon Church’s General Conference regarding what it means to be a Christian. He defined a Christian like this: “A Christian has faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, that He … Continue reading

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Should a Christian date a Mormon?

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