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Can Thomas Monson say Jesus sinned and still be a true prophet?

Aaron interviews Steve, a Mormon Apologist (formerly known as Rommelator on YouTube) outside of Temple Square. In this 11 minute video Aaron and Steve discuss the question of how far a Mormon prophet can go and yet still be a … Continue reading

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Five Basic Principles of a Mormon Testimony

A very popular new book (# 2 at this writing) found in the LDS bookstore chain Deseret Book is The Testimony Glove. According to the Testimony Gloves blog, “Testimony Gloves are a tool to help children understand the basic principles … Continue reading

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Petty Doctrinal Differences

Mitt Romney’s second campaign for President is, predictably, generating a lot of talk about Mormonism. And, again predictably, Mormons are stepping up their online efforts to set the record straight. Latter-day Saint Dinah Chance from Freeport, Florida wrote a letter … Continue reading

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The Central Message of Mormonism

Last Friday (April 29, 2011) LDS Deseret News published an article providing tips for successful member-missionary work (as distinct from the formal Mormon missionary program). Because a recent poll showed that 77 percent of Americans aren’t sure if Mormons are … Continue reading

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Substantially Correct (part 2)

Last Monday (7 February 2011) I wrote about the first half of Daniel Peterson’s article, “God’s sheep recognize his voice” in which Dr. Peterson argues for the idea that Mormons (Mormonism) do not really reject non-Mormon religious experiences and doctrines. … Continue reading

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Classic Mormonism

I’ve been reading The Plan of Salvation: Understanding Our Divine Origin and Destiny by Matthew B. Brown (Covenant Communications, 2007). I’m not finished reading it yet, but the opening section, “Where Did I Come From,” favorably impresses me. Identified on … Continue reading

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“We Do Not Believe…”

In August (2010) Jerry Johnston at Mormon Times wrote about the general negative impression Americans hold in regard to members of the LDS Church. He noted that Mormonism has always been misunderstood, regardless of the Church’s long-standing efforts to put … Continue reading

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“Picky, theological details”

On January 25th (2010) LDS Seventy Bruce C. Hafen spoke at the University of Utah during a fireside for young adults. Though I didn’t agree with everything, I found some of Mr. Hafen’s remarks (as reported in Mormon Times) to … Continue reading

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BYU Professors vs. LDS Leaders: Who Has Authority to Interpret Doctrine for Members?

Bill McKeever talks about the importance of looking to published statements of the LDS institution as more representative of Mormonism than neo-orthodox writings of BYU professors. 1920×1080 MP4, 640×360 MP4

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Getting Mormons to know the doctrine

BYU professor Robert L. Millet spoke at Education Week in Provo, Utah on Tuesday (August 19, 2008). According to a report on the Deseret News blog Mormon Times, “false ideas” about the LDS Church held by non-members come from “dumb … Continue reading

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