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Theosis: “The Mormon view is altogether different.”

This has been going on for far too long. BYU Professor Robert Millet, as part of his continuing apologetic for the Mormon doctrine of exaltation (i.e., faithful Mormons becoming Gods), perseveres in asserting that this doctrine did not originate with … Continue reading

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The Lorenzo Snow couplet’s subordination & dependence dilemma for Mormons

Given both halves of the Lorenzo Snow couplet: “As man now is, God once was. As God now is, man may be.” (a) If we will forever be dependent on and subordinate to our God, then it stands to reason … Continue reading

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“What Many People Called Sin Was Not Sin” Part I

A Church Court is convened. A man is accused of committing adultery and fathering a child with another man’s wife.  One of the presiding elders speaks to those assembled about the offender and says that, “This matter was bro[ugh]t before … Continue reading

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More on Exalted Mormons Creating and Populating Worlds

Mormonism Research Ministry’s website contains a 2011 article sparked by Mormon denials (including a pointed and clear denial found on of the long-standing doctrine in Mormonism that exalted Mormons will one day create and populate their own worlds. The … Continue reading

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Moroni 8:18 — Things Have Changed for Mormons

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New Mormon manual promotes doctrine that “has no functioning place” in present day Mormonism

What Gordon B. Hinckley said is “just a couplet”…      What BYU professors say is a thing of the past…           What Richard Mouw says we should apologize over… Is what the new 2012 Melchizedek Priesthood and Relief Society Sunday Curriculum manual … Continue reading

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Before God Was God

In March I posted “Least Influential Mormons” here on Mormon Coffee. I wrote, “If we were making a list, I think we might include the names of at least the first five LDS prophets as those whose doctrines are often … Continue reading

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Are You “Scared” or “Weak-Minded” Over the Father Having a Father? Joseph Smith Has a Word For You

On June 16, 1844—just 11 days before his death—Joseph preached just east of the Nauvoo temple in a grove probably very near (or even the same place as?) where he gave his sermon at King Follett’s funeral. Many people think … Continue reading

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LDS Apostle Explains the Purpose of Life

The official web site of the LDS Church has posted a transcript of the interview Apostle Dallin H. Oaks gave to Helen Whitney, maker of the PBS documentary “The Mormons” which aired earlier this year. Mr. Oaks told Ms. Whitney, … Continue reading

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A Rarely Discussed Mormon Doctrine

Deseret News reported today on the first session of a two-day conference held at Utah Valley State College, “Mormonism and the Christian Tradition.” According to the report, “Participants in a panel discussion representing various perspectives shared their thoughts on a … Continue reading

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