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Jesus is the literal “bodily offspring” of God the Father

I was just paging through an old book I found at a used bookstore. It’s titled Principles of the Gospel, published in 1961 by the Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and contains … Continue reading

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“As Mormons, we worship…?”

At the Mormon.org website, visitors can learn about Joseph Smith and what he means to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Under the sub-heading, “A Martyr of the Restored Gospel,” the site says, “Joseph Smith gave … Continue reading

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Mormonism’s “different Jesus”

On Monday I blogged about my disagreement with Mormon bishop Nate Sharp’s implication that because there is “one and only one Jesus Christ” the idea that Mormons believe in a “different Jesus” is a myth. Today I want to look again … Continue reading

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Passing the Torch of Mormonism’s Historical Racisim

[In honor of Black History Month 2014, each Monday in February Mormon Coffee’s blog post has addressed a topic related to racism in Mormon history. Today is the final post in the series.] Institutionalized racism in the Mormon Church spanned … Continue reading

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Mormon Prophet Summoned to British Court

Yesterday (5 February 2014) The Arizona Republic reported: “The leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been ordered to appear before a magistrate in England on fraud charges filed by a disaffected ex-Mormon who disputes fundamental … Continue reading

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Teaching Mormon Children:
Jesus is God’s Only Begotten Son — In the Flesh

The December (2013) Visiting Teaching Message found in Ensign magazine focuses on Jesus Christ as God’s only begotten Son. The message begins, “Our Savior, Jesus Christ, is called the Only Begotten Son because He is the only person on earth … Continue reading

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Is the “church” established on any man?

I have just finished reading through the entire gospel doctrine series called “Teachings of the Presidents of the Church” series, including the newest volume dedicated to Joseph Fielding Smith. Smith was known for being a church theologian, penning the massive … Continue reading

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Tithing Necessary for Mormon Spiritual Health and Welfare

On March 4th 2013 the U.S. Tax Court ruled that Mormon plaintiff George Thompson would not be allowed to consider his church tithe a “necessary expense” in regards to paying back taxes owed to the government. Mr. Thompson owes $883,000 … Continue reading

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Mormonism and Visitations from the Dead

People who have died are very important to members of the Mormon Church. The dead are a very important aspect of the Mormon gospel. The sixth President of the Church, Joseph F. Smith, taught, “We will not finish our work … Continue reading

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