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You have 90 seconds – describe Mormonism

In June (2015) Deseret News posted a light-hearted article recounting journalist Jerry Johnston’s encounter with a street poet. The poet sits on the sidewalk with a sign that says, “Pick a topic, get a poem.” For a donation of any … Continue reading

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The Indefensible Book of Mormon

Evangelical professor and author Philip Jenkins, in addition to teaching and authoring books, blogs at The Anxious Bench. He has published an interesting series of articles over the past few months that examine the Book of Mormon as a historical … Continue reading

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Matthew for Mormons

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Mormon Church-Approved Outreach

Mormon missionaries have been responding to the Broadway show, “The Book of Mormon,” all across the country. The Fresno Bee recently explained that Mormon missionaries stand outside of the theatre before and/or after the show to answer people’s questions and … Continue reading

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The temple: The carrot for Mormon obedience

Over the past few years I have noticed a correlation between the content given in LDS Church magazines and the assigned readings in the church manual series Teachings of Presidents of the Church. Although it is brought up regularly in … Continue reading

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The Grace Club

My daughter took The Not Even Once Club book off my shelf and wanted me to read it as a bedtime story. I can’t blame her: it has fun and inviting pictures. I told her it was not a book I … Continue reading

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Mormons don’t deserve this.

Chris Duckworth, a Lutheran pastor in Indiana, wasn’t happy when a 12-page advertising supplement arrived on his doorstep last week. The “Non-Mormon Temple Visitors Guide” was published by Tri-Grace Ministries and distributed to communities in preparation for the LDS Temple … Continue reading

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Joseph Smith “carried off my daughter”

Over the years, much has been written about the heartbreak caused by Mormon weddings. The oft-cited cause of this heartbreak is the sacred, exclusive LDS temple wedding that necessarily excludes “unworthy” friends and family from attending. According to Mormonism, marriages … Continue reading

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How the LDS Church Prepares Its Members for Atheism (Part 5)

[The following is the last of a five-part essay offered by Mormon Coffee guest contributor Joshua Valentine (aka spartacus).] Many who consider the issue of Mormons becoming atheists wonder why they go from Mormonism straight to atheism instead of Christianity, which … Continue reading

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How the LDS Church Prepares Its Members for Atheism (Part 4)

[The following is the fourth of a five-part essay offered by Mormon Coffee guest contributor Joshua Valentine (aka spartacus).] Members who learn the truth about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Mormonism most often feel betrayed and duped by their … Continue reading

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