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Mormons and Evangelicals Talk of Christ

On November 15 (2013), evangelical author (and seminary president emeritus) Richard Mouw addressed 2,000 young Mormons at Utah Valley University. As reported in the Deseret News’ “Evangelical leader says commonality with Mormons deeper than differences,” Dr. Mouw emphasized his discovery … Continue reading

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A case of not willing to listen

Richard Mouw is probably best known for his seven-minute speech at the Mormon Tabernacle a few years ago that preceded a talk by Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias. Using half of his fifteen minutes of fame, Mouw apologized to the Mormons … Continue reading

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Bill McKeever: Richard Mouw Needs to Repent

“I would like to think the best, and think that maybe [Richard Mouw] does want to see a major change in the Mormon Church. If that’s the case though, he’s going about it all wrong. But it does go along … Continue reading

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“Evangelical hostility toward Mormons”?

In a recent article applauding how more Evangelical Christians are apparently accepting the Republican presidential candidate in spite of his Mormonism, Dr. Richard J. Mouw—who recently announced that he’s stepping down as president of Fuller Theological Seminary—explained that “anti-Mormon sentiment … Continue reading

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New Mormon manual promotes doctrine that “has no functioning place” in present day Mormonism

What Gordon B. Hinckley said is “just a couplet”…      What BYU professors say is a thing of the past…           What Richard Mouw says we should apologize over… Is what the new 2012 Melchizedek Priesthood and Relief Society Sunday Curriculum manual … Continue reading

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Of Grackles and Bluebirds

Christianity Today posted an article on November 10th by Dr. Richard Mouw, president of Fuller Theological Seminary. Titled Shoot-First Apologetics, Dr. Mouw here recounts a story he once read, written by the late Dr. Walter Martin, about the danger of … Continue reading

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