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Follow the Prophet?

It wasn’t long ago when an advertising campaign for basketball superstar Michael Jordan emphasized just three words: “Be like Mike.” The slogan became very popular and sold plenty of shoes. This came to my mind as I read an article … Continue reading

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Liberty University and the Glenn Beck saga (Part 2)

As noted in Part 1 of this article (posted earlier this week), on April 25, 2014 Liberty University held a convocation that featured Mormon celebrity Glenn Beck as speaker. Beck told the student body (among other things), “I share your … Continue reading

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Liberty University and the Glenn Beck saga (Part 1)

Let me state upfront that, besides wearing my apologetic hat, I am a parent of a Liberty University (LU) graduate. My oldest daughter graduated on May 10, 2014, and we’re very proud of her accomplishment. I’m sure you don’t want … Continue reading

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The Good News of Repentance?

In the December 2013 Ensign, Brian D. Garner of the Church Correlation Department wrote a five-page article titled “The Good News of Repentance” (pp. 40-44). As I was reading this piece—subtitled “There is great joy in heaven whenever we repent … Continue reading

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Should the cross just be an afterthought?

How one viewed the historical events remembered over the past week makes all the difference in the world. Yesterday some families woke up and had the kids hunt for Easter eggs before putting the ham in the oven and driving … Continue reading

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New church essay distances LDS Church from Joseph Smith

Breaking news as reported by Peggy Fletcher Stuck: Over the past few months, there have been essays published on concerning the First Vision, Race and the Priesthood, plural marriage, the Book of Mormon translation, and Becoming Like God. Now, … Continue reading

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Going After Historical Issues

In an article found in an LDS Church manual (The Pearl of Great Price Teacher Manual Religion 327, pp. 54-55) that gives instructions to the LDS instructors comes this amazing statement: Joseph Smith—History. Overview Have students read the five italicized … Continue reading

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Mormonism: A Religion Only Understood by Its Own?

I was speaking to somebody recently about ministry in Utah. This man, a professional clergy member who recently moved to Utah, told me proudly, “Our church will never host any class teaching about Mormonism. After all, it not only could … Continue reading

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Equal pay for LDS bishops!

One of my neighbors is an LDS bishop. I have not talked to him about the topic at hand, but I have an inkling of how much time and effort he must devote to his local congregation of about 200 … Continue reading

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Is the “church” established on any man?

I have just finished reading through the entire gospel doctrine series called “Teachings of the Presidents of the Church” series, including the newest volume dedicated to Joseph Fielding Smith. Smith was known for being a church theologian, penning the massive … Continue reading

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